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AnalogMagik Tonearm Wires


Pure Silver or Pure Copper 

Tonearm Wires

AnalogMagik makes 2 wires for tonearm internal wirings or for phono cables.  These are the same conductors used in our phono cables. 

Unlike RCA Line level signals, analog signals generated by your MC cartridges range from 0.05 mV to 0.9 mV, which is one of the lowest electrical signals known to man. The requirements for phono wire conductors are drastically different from Line Level RCA/XLR signals which are typically 100x higher.   


Many tonearm manufacturers simply buy off the shelf copper or silver wires with PVC jackets which are not made for Phono Applications.   Many of them are either too low gauge (wires too big in diameter) or have the wrong jacket material. 

Our phono cable conductors are 100% made in house, after extensive R&D. These are not OEM cables or off the catalog ordered wires.


The AnalogMagik Pure Silver tonearm wire has the following specification:

  • Stranded (Multiple conductors)

  • Pure Silver or Pure Copper conductors (Your choice)

  • 99.999999% High Purity Silver or Copper conductors, not plated.

  • Enamel Coated BEFORE braiding

  • Custom braided with a proprietary braiding technique

  • Combined diameter after braiding: 34 AWG

  • Cryo Treated for 72 Hours at -195°C

  • Capacitance: 40 pF/1.25m even when measured with WBT RCA connectors

This braided wire has nearly 20x the strength of a solid wire of equivalent gauge.  It is made to withstand bending and pulling within a tonearm without breaking or performance degradation.

The capacitance of our silver is likely the lowest you can find on the market.     We can provide this wire at any given length.  Note these wires are strictly for tonearm applications, they are not suitable for hookup wires.

Please contact us to inquire:  EMAIL US


Copper or Silver?




We have a copper and a silver version of the same wire.  Whether you choose copper or silver will depend on your system and personal preference.


I generally prefer Pure Silver (not plated silver, but pure silver, braided conductors) for Phono Cable application, and I strictly use Pure Silver for my own tonearms.

However, due to popular demand, some manufacturers prefer Pure Copper conductors and I will be happy to provide them.   A Solid Core Silver Conductor is also available upon request, it is reserved for special applications.

Please EMAIL US and we will be happy to provide a customized solution for your specific tonearm.

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