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Turntable Setup Tutorials /
AnalogMagik operation instructions

The goal of turntable cartridge setup is to retrieve what was recorded on the grooves as accurately as possible, at the lowest level of measurable distortions.      With the right tools, anyone can improve on cartridge setup accuracy.


We hope to guide you every step of the way,  from the initial mounting of the cartridge to aligning the cantilever at the ​proper angle, to fine-tuning every setup parameters using the AnalogMagik software.   Our goal is to help you achieve a more accurate cartridge setup using scientifically repeatable methods. 

Cartridge alignment involves fine-tuning multiple setup parameters which are all interdependent on each other.   We strongly advise you to read over the contents under each section to help you understand the concepts more clearly.   

Please note that AnalogMagik is just a distortion analyzer, it does not perform any any adjustments.   It is a tool designed to measure incremental changes as the user make adjustments to the cartridge.    This task is performed by the user, not AnalogMagik.   AnalogMagik does not have the ability to make changes to your cartridge, phono stage, turntable, or your system, nor can it repair cartridges.  

Please see this page to understand more about Distortion Analyzers.

To help you with your cartridge setup, we have created a video for each of the setup parameters, these pages also act as the instruction manual of the software:​

Video Tutorial (1)  Basic Cartridge Alignment

  • Pivot to Spindle Distance 

  • Cartridge cantilever alignment using

                 the Acoustical System Professional Alignment Set

                (or any other protractor of your choice)

  • Introduce the concept of "Landing Behavior" 

  • Optimizing torque on the Cartridge mounting screws


AnalogMagik - Anyone Can Become a Cartridge Setup Guru!

After you have performed a basic cartridge cantilever alignment using visual methods, then comes the part where AnalogMagik comes in.   The naked eye cannot see what the stylus is actually doing in the grooves of a moving LP.    Using scientifically repeatable methods, the AnalogMagik software will perform detail analysis of every setup parameter to help you improve the accuracy of your setup.    

(2) Speed and Wow & Flutter​​       
          (Function on Version 1 and 2)                 
     (3) Azimuth
 (Function on Version 1)
      (5) Anti-skating
  (Function on Version 1 & 2)
(7) Measuring Vibration &
       (Function on Version 1 & 2)
(8) Vertical Tracking Force
        (Function on Version 1 & 2)
(9) Combined Azimuth L/R & VTA
            (Function on Version 2 Only)
(10) Channel Balance
(Function On Version 2 Only)
Cantonese Video.jpg

Why is an All-In-One Tool important?

All setup parameters are highly interdependent on each other, no parameter can be optimized in isolation. For example, you cannot optimize Azimuth in isolation because Azimuth is highly affected by Anti-skating, as well as VTA and VTF.   If your anti-skating is set incorrectly, your chances are your Azimuth number can never be optimized.     If you have a tool which only does one parameter in isolation, the setup will always be less than optimal.

Meaningful result of a specific measurement is highly dependent upon equipment quality as well as all other setup parameters.   It is normal that you will have to go back and forth between parameters to find a balance which gives the best possible outcome across all parameters.  This is why you need a tool which will allow you to perform analysis on not just one, but ALL the setup parameters.     

AnalogMagik does not guarantee that ​meaningful measurements can always be derived from every setup parameter, but taken as a whole, if you can achieve good measurements with as many of these parameters as possible, we believe it will result in a much higher level of accuracy and a better sounding system.   

In the internet age, very few people reads instruction manuals the size of a phone book.  We have designed AnalogMagik to have onscreen instructions which will guide you.   Our single sheet on screen help file will also tell you what test results to look for.    




Disclaimer:  Our setup videos are provided FOR FREE and are presumably for your benefit.   The contents of the video reflect our opinions and we make no guarantees on the video's accuracy and methodology and they are for educational purposes only.   Free free to contact us if you have any questions, but we make no guarantees whatsoever on your satisfaction, nor will we be responsible if you damage your own equipment after watching the videos. ​


Should you wish to employ a different setup method after watching our videos, we encourage you to do so and have no interest in heated debates other than friendly constructive discussions with mutual respect. 

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