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Program Download

The program will not operate without the USB License Key Dongle.   Please insert License Key for installation and operation of the AnalogMagik software.

1) Install Soundcard Driver first:

The ART PHONO PLUS soundcard driver:   

2) Then install software:

AnalogMagik Software: Version 1

AnalogMagik Soft
ware: Version 2
Updated May 12, 2023                            

Important Notice:

Please perform all install as "Administrator"

Version 1 users can upgrade to Version 2 by buying Version 2 LPs from your local dealer .  Each version will only work with the corresponding TEST LPs.    Version 1 LPs will not work for Version 2 and vice versa as the signals are different.

If you are using Art Phono Plus for new program installation you must install the above  Driver BEFORE plugging in the Art Phono Plus into your computer.  Please install all as "Administrators"

You must install the driver before the program.

For Program Updates, you do not need to reinstall the driver.   But you will have to uninstall the original AnalogMagik program, before re-installing the new version.

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