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Operation Instructions

AnalogMagik is designed to be operated with nothing but common sense, with simplified instructions.  You are required to have basic Windows knowledge.   


Please do read this page carefully.   We also invite you to go through the SET UP Tutorials carefully so you will understand the concepts behind our setup method.

Program Setup &

Operation Instructions:

  1. Register and Download the program HERE if you do not register, you will not receive updates.

  2. Insert the Licence Key into a USB Port on your laptop.

  3. Install the soundcard driver BEFORE plugging in the ART PHONO PLUS, and BEFORE installing the AnalogMagik program.   DO NOT use the Installation CD which comes with the Soundcard.  Use the driver from our website.

  4. Then install the AnalogMagik program.

  5. You must install as Administrator or the program may not run.

  6. You must check your anti-virus to ensure it is permitting the program to run.

  7. Reboot the computer after installation.  If you do not reboot, windows will default to he wrong soundcard.

  8. Follow the connection diagrams below.

  9. DO NOT bypass the phono stage.   The ART Phono soundcard, should be connected to the output of your phono stage.   The tonearm should NOT be connected to the ART PRO soundcard directly.

  10. The ART Phono accepts signals from your phono stage.

  11. Run the program and follow the on screen instructions.

  12. Start with the SPEED TEST and adjust sound card "GAIN TRIM" control.

  13. Follow the on screen instructions and complete all test functions.

  14. Make sure your system is muted while playing the TEST LPs.   The test signals are not meant to be for yours speakers and could damage your drivers.   We are not responsible for any equipment damage should you fail to mute your system.  

  15. Most Windows bugs go away after a REBOOT so REBOOT first for any problems.

Connection Diagram
Please do not bypass the phono stage.  A Phono stage is required for operation.


Art Phono Plus USB Sound

Card Connection

Click the HELP button, it will bring up a CHEAT SHEET which tells you what numbers to look for.

Press START AFTER needle

has landed on the Test LP

Follow On Screen


Soundcard Gain Trim Adjustment

Use LINE STAGE of Art Phono Plus only

CLICK HERE for Instructions on how to use each setup function on AnalogMagik Version 1 & 2.

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