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About Richard H. Mak

Richard was originally from Hong Kong and he now resides in Singapore.


Richard bought his first turntable in 1981 in Hongkong, and his love for the vinyl format has been stuck with him ever since.   In 2004, he started his blog which allowed him to meet audiophiles from all over the world.  Later on, this led to the development of AnalogMagik. 

Richard is also a writer for various audio magazines, he is the Analog Editor at Mono & Stereo, Part Time Audiophile, as well as TONE Magazine.

Between the years 2005 and 2017, Richard decided to pursue his dream of perfecting turntable cartridge setup. He began setting up turntables for his friends, and words began to spread out amongst audiophile circles, so he continued going around town setting up turntables all over the place, doing it all for free.

By 2016, Richard has performed over 2000 setups and he stopped counting after that. Through

hands-on experience, he discovered that the use of test signals and distortion analyzers can greatly improve the accuracy of cartridge setups. However, setup parameters cannot be optimized in isolation and there is no single product on the market which addresses all the setup parameters so he decided to develop his own software for the task - an "ALL IN ONE" Software - mainly for his own use.

In 2010, Richard Mak partnered up with John Solecki to lead an engineering team with backgrounds in Electrical, Computer, Audio, and Mechanical Engineering in the automotive, aerospace, and sound recording industry, they began to experiment with various laboratory-grade tools and software originally designed to measure minute engine vibrations.   After 6 years of Research and Development, the "AnalogMagik All in One Analog Setup Software & Test LPs" is born.

Richard is known in the industry as being "extremely friendly, welcoming and having a great sense of humor".    He believes in a philosophy of helpfulness, mutual respect, and kindness.   Many in the industry have been into Richard's sound room, and have been showered with fine wines, sumptuous feasts, and good music.     

The instructional videos found on this website is a joint project between my company Mezmer Media and AnalogMagik.    They are provided FOR FREE to help viewers achieve a better analog cartridge setup.   Feel free to share them with your friends.    

We welcome friendly and constructive discussions on audio-related topics.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions.


                                                                                                       Anson Hon

                                                                                                       Marketing Director, Analog Magik                                                                                                                 Founder, Mezmer Media

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