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AnalogMagik Reference 

Phono Cable


The AnalogMagik Reference

Phono Cable

100% Made in Canada

The AnalogMagik Reference Phono Cable is born out of popular demand.    AnalogMagik does not make any other cables, and will only focus on what we do best:   Analog Setup.

Unlike RCA Line level signals, analog signals generated by your MC cartridges range from 0.05 mV to 0.9 mV, which is one of the lowest electrical signals known to man.    The requirements for phono cable are drastically different from Line Level RCA/XLR signals which are typically 100x higher.    Every aspect of the cable, from the conductor material, size, di-electric, separation, shielding, braiding, to grounding, have a much larger impact on the sound than any other cable in your system.

Our philosophy in Phono Cable design is to have the lowest number of connections from the headshell clips to the RCA output, which means the best phono cable is a direct run of wire from clips to output.    An SME Headshell and/or a DIN connection is a huge compromise.    A typical tonearm with SME headshell to a DIN connector will have 11 connections:

  1. Cartridge Wires to Pin (Solder Joint)

  2. Cartridge Pinouts to Headshell Clips

  3. Headshell Clips to Wire (Solder Joint)

  4. Wires to Clips again (Solder Joint)

  5. Clips to Pins on SME Headshell

  6. Pins to Internal Wiring (Solder Joint)

  7. Internal Wiring to DIN Pins (Solder Joint)

  8. Din Pins to Din Pins (Spring Loaded contact)

  9. Din Pins to DIN connector Clip

  10. Din clips to Phono cable wire

  11. Phono Cable Wire to RCA Connector

Each of these connections is detrimental to the sound and greatly increases the resistance of your cable.

We believe you can achieve a much higher level of performance by rewiring your tonearm to have one single wire from Cartridge Clips to RCA Output :


        i.e)  The AnalogMagik Reference Tonearm Cable,

            with a rewiring of your tonearm's internal wire


Many tonearm manufacturers simply buy off the shelf copper or silver wires which are not made for Phono Application.   Many of them are either too low gauge (wires too big in diameter) which greatly increases capacitance, or they have a jacket material that is not made for phono application.

Many expensive phono cables, when stripped down, are found to contain only rebadged and repackaged versions of Military Coaxial cables, with the wrong diameter, wrong capacitance, and not made for phono application.

AnalogMagik Reference

Phono Cable Conductors

Our phono cable conductors are 100% made in house, after extensive R&D and trial and error.    We currently supply our tonearm conductors to 5 Tonearm manufacturers, for use in the highest models of their tonearms.


Our conductors (the actual wire) used to rewire your tonearm, and used in our phono cable is not an off the shelve OEM wire.  It is 100% made in-house with the following specification:

  • Stranded (Multiple conductors)

  • Pure Silver or Pure Copper conductors (Your choice)

  • 99.999999% High Purity Silver or Copper, not plated.

  • Enamel Coated BEFORE braiding

  • Custom braided with a proprietary braiding technique

  • Combined diameter after braiding: 34 AWG

  • Cryo Treated for 72 Hours at -195°C

  • Capacitance: 40 pF/1.25m including connectors

  • Shield Coverage: 100%

The conductor is used for tonearm internal wirings, as well as in our retail DIN to RCA cables, where the conductors are sleeved into our proprietary PTFE and Air di-electric and properly shielded with a custom made Silver Braided Shield (not Tin-Plated Copper found with most tonearm cables).   

Due to the effectiveness of our shielding, we detected almost no noise whatsoever with lengths up to 2.3 meters.   If your tonearm use SME Connectors, we will modify the headshell connector so that the wires will come through directly, bypassing the SME connector.  This step alone will eliminate 6-7 connections.

Our Tonearm cable rewiring service will include rewiring your tonearm with a standard length of 1.25m of AnalogMagik Tonearm wire from Headshell Clips to RCA Output.   Here are some examples of our tonearm cable rewiring:

  1. SME 3012 Version 1 Rewire / Restoration / Rebuild

  2. Glanz MH-124S

  3. Fidelity Research FR-64S and FR-66S

  4. Supreme Analog Tangenta

  5. DaVinci Grandezza

  6. Acoustical System Axiom, and Axiom Anniversary

  7. Schroder Reference

  8. Rossner & Sohn S1.2

  9. Reed 3P, 3Q, & 2A

  10. SME 3012 Gold Special Edition 9" and 12" Rewire and Repair

  11. SME 3012 Version 2 Rewire and Repair

  12. DaVinci Master Reference Virtu

  13. Schroder CB or Artemis Labs TA-1 (Same Tonearm)

  14. Triplanar

  15. Many More.....................

Every rewire takes anywhere from 6 to 20 hours.   It is a labor-intensive microscopic surgery in all instances. Not every tonearm can be wired, and some may require extra work.   Longer lengths are also available. 

Please contact us to inquire:  EMAIL US


DIN to RCA?  No Rewiring?

If you choose not to rewire the tonearm internally and prefer a DIN to RCA phono cable, they can be purchased at one of our dealers HERE.

    1. DIN to RCA (Silver or Copper)  1.25m                               $ 3,200.00 USD

        with Mundorf RCA 96% Silver 4% Gold connectors

    2. RCA to RCA (Silver or Copper) 1.25m                               $ 3,400.00 USD

         with Mundorf RCA 96% SIlver 4% Gold connectors

    3. DIN to XLR (Silver or Copper) 1.25m                                $ 3,000.00 USD

          with Neutrik (Copper or Silver) XLR connectors

    4.  Extra 0.5m                                                                          $ 1,500.00 USD

Why do you only have 1 model?

The cable I designed is for my own personal use.  After experimenting with hundreds of conductors and braiding technique, the configuration I deployed is what I use for my own tonearms.    All my tonearms have this configuration and the same tonearm cable.

I have also rebuild hundreds of tonearms for my friends, and 100% of them have came back with positive feedback.   Due to popular demand, I am offering this rewiring service to the analog community.

I only know how to do the best or nothing.  I do not believe in lowering the quality to deliver a cable at a lower price, nor do I know how to make a better cable at a higher price.    That is simply a marketing game.

With AnalogMagik, it is the best or nothing.    Only 1 model at 1 price point.

Copper or Silver?

Whether to use Cooper or Silver conductors will depend on your system.  I generally prefer Pure Silver (not plated silver, but pure silver, braided conductors) for Phono Cable application, and I use strictly Pure Silver for my own tonearms.

However, due to popular demand, some customers prefer Pure Copper conductors and I will be happy to provide them.   A Solid Core Silver Conductor is also available upon request, it is reserved for special applications.

Please EMAIL US and we will be happy to provide a customized solution for your specific tonearm.

DIN to RCA 1.jpg

AnalogMagik Reference Din to RCA Phono Cable

SME II 1.jpg

SME 3012 with AnalogMagik Reference Phono Cable, direct connection from Clips to RCA.

RCA to RCA.jpg

AnalogMagik Reference Phono Cable, RCA to RCA for a customer in Asia.

RCA to RCA SUT cable.jpg

Custom made Step Up Transformer Phono Cable, RCA to RCA, for a customer in Malaysia.

SUT cable 1.jpg
SUT cable.jpg
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