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Before buying AnalogMagik

Turntable setup is a learning process.  It involves multiple steps which do require a high level of patience and practice.    Unlike buying an amplifier with an ON/OFF button which is easy to operate, AnalogMagik does require some basic turntable setup skills, a basic understanding of distortion analyzers, and a basic understanding of Windows operation. 


DO NOT buy this product, if you are not prepared to:


1) Learn how to set up a turntable


2) Read the Instructions & information on this website carefully


3) Expect us to hand-hold you, for how to turn on a computer, connect a soundcard, mount a cartridge, connect to the sound card, etc.    Do not expect us to walk you through every step over the phone for 20 hours, on how to setup a cartridge.    You are expected to learn this on your own.

To make the process easier, we have created a Set of Videos to help you learn how to set up a turntable, and we will try to guide you through the entire process.    But it does require from you some patience, understanding, as well as time to read instructions.   But we do not provide 24/7 telephone support on turntable setups.   We do try to provide as much support to our customers as possible.   We will not walk you through the cartridge setup process over the phone, nor walk you through how to use every function of the program.


If you buy a Neutrik A1, Audio Precision Analyzer, or even a FLUKE voltmeter, they will not walk you through on how to use a voltmeter over the phone.    Please align your expectations in the same way as in buying a Voltmeter.

As a start please read the connection diagrams carefully, and follow the installation instructions.  In 100% of the cases where customers run into setup issues, it is because they did not read the instructions.   

99% of our customers are reasonable, but we have encountered some who have wrong expectations.   In the past 5 years, we have gathered a list of real questions raised by real people.     If you find yourself asking these questions, you should think twice before buying this product.   

1.  Does the product come with a soundcard or a computer?

AnalogMagik only makes the software program and the test LPs which works with it.    We do not make computers or soundcards.

You will need to buy a Windows-based computer and the ART Phono Plus II soundcard.     DO NOT use any other soundcard, as your results will be inaccurate.

2.  Is there a 24-hour helpline?

We do provide telephone support during office hours to answer questions beyond those not covered by the instructions on this website.   Users are expected to read the instructions on this webpage for the installation and operation of the program.    If you run into problems, please feel free to contact us by email.   

In 100% of the cases, setup problems are caused by customers who refuse to read the instructions manual or follow the connection diagram.   Usually, when the customer goes back to read and follow the setup instruction and diagram, the installation problems will go away.  

3.   "You did not reply to my phone call within 4 hours, and now I want to "light you up in flames" and "kill your family".

AnalogMagik will only provide support to polite, kind, and reasonable customers.   Anyone who is hostile, rude, or anyone who threatens my team or my family, will have all support services terminated and never be reinstated.  No product refund will be provided, no emails or calls will ever be answered again, and a restraining order will be issued against you through the authorities. 

We have received threats to my staff and family in the past, the police were called and a restraining order has been issued for these people.   We do not take threats lightly and legal actions will be taken.

4.   Trolling, Extortion & Blackmail attempts:

"If you do not give me a free copy, I will bad mouth you on forums".    "If you do not give me a 50% discount, I will write a bad review on your product".   "If you do not answer my call in 2 hrs, I will "Light you up" on forums".

These may sound crazy, but the above are actual incidents, including from industry professionals. 


Extortion and Blackmail is a criminal offences, they will not be taken lightly.   We will contact your local authorities on any extortion attempts and you will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

5..  Where is the start button?   Where is the USB Port?   What does the Sleep button do?

AnalogMagik requires a basic understanding of Windows, and how to operate a computer.   


We cannot teach you how to use Windows or explain to you what is a USB port.  If you require such instructions, AnalogMagik is not for you.  We do not provide over-the-phone training or lessons on Windows Operation.      We will not provide a refund to those who purchase AnalogMagik and do not know how to use Windows.

We do not provide tutorials on:


  • Basic Windows Operations

  • How to install AnalogMagik

  • How to install the soundcard driver

  • How to access the control panel

  • How to restore sound card settings

  • How to plug in a USB cable

  • How to connect the phono stage to the soundcard

  • How to connect the soundcard to the laptop

However, if you have a basic knowledge of Windows and how it operates, AnalogMagik should be easy for you to operate. 


6.   I hate Windows, I only like Apple.  Will there be an Apple Version?

No, there will not be an Apple version. 


Please do not buy this product, it is a Windows-based product, not Apple.     Do not use VMware to run AnalogMagik on Apple, the results will NOT be accurate and the program may not work. 

7.  How come AnalogMagik is not setting up the cartridge for me?   It is not getting the numbers to look good?

AnalogMagik is a distortion analyzer.   It does not do any setup, you have to do the setup, and you have to do the adjustments.   It does not automatically perform a mechanical task.  The onus is on you to make the adjustments.

AnalogMagik is just a distortion analyzer, it cannot magically make numbers look good, it only displays what it reads.   

The software is designed to read changes in distortion numbers based on incremental changes you perform on your setup.   It measures incremental changes, it cannot lower baseline distortion numbers.    It does not do any adjustments for you.  You have to do the adjustments.



8.   My cartridge's manual says it has over 35 dB of channel separation, how come it shows up at 26 dB on AnalogMagik?

AnalogMagik is a product that attempts to measure incremental changes as you make adjustments.   Every system, every phono stage, and every cartridge has a baseline level of distortions.   AnalogMagik does not have the ability to lower the baseline.    That is the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer.


For example, if your cartridge is only able to achieve a 26dB channel separation, AnalogMagik will attempt to measure incremental changes, as you change azimuth, the numbers may go from -24dB to -26dB.   But it cannot make numbers magically better than what your equipment is capable of achieving. 

Another example, if your turntable has a rumble that causes intermodulation distortion to be above 10%, AnalogMagik is simply a distortion analyzer, it does not do turntable diagnosis or redesign.  The onus is on you or your manufacturer to lower the baseline number, AnalogMagik will not do this for you.    Do not have the expectation that AnalogMagik will do any adjustments for you to improvement baseline numbers.      Nor can we contact your manufacturer for you. 

AnalogMagik cannot "fix" your cartridge so or to automatically display a number that you want.   It only displays what it reads, it cannot make baseline numbers better.   

9.   How come the program doesn't work on my 1993 IBM Laptop?   or my 1984 Apple II?

It is stated clearly that you should buy a new laptop such as a Lenovo Ideapad.   Read the system requirements carefully.   If you do not meet the system requirements, the program will not work.

The software is designed to work with Lenovo Ideapad, or the newest laptop installed with Windows 7 or Windows 10, or Windows 11 operating systems.   It may not work on Windows XP, it is too old, and we have not tested it on an XP.   It will certainly not work with Commodore 64, 1984 Apple II, Android, Chrome or Unix-based systems. 

You are required to have a Windows 7, 10, or 11-based Laptop, such as the Lenovo Ideapad.    If your old laptop has soundcard settings that have been changed, it will not work.   We will not and cannot restore these settings for you.  Please contact WIndows for that, or reinstall Windows,  or buy a new Laptop.

10.  I like to use my own sound card.

If you do not want to buy the Art Phono Plus II soundcard, Please do not buy AnalogMagik.  It is designed to work with Art Phono Plus II only.   If you use another soundcard, chances are the results will not be accurate, and we will install or diagnose compatibility issues because we have not tested the program with any other soundcard.

11.   I do not trust the process, I do not trust distortion analyzers, your program, or the accuracy of your results.

The question goes to show a person's lack of knowledge on using distortion analyzers.   AnalogMagik does have a benchmark, and our benchmark is the Audio Precision Distortion Analyzer.   Our results are nearly 99.99% as accurate as the Audio Precision. 

Any end user who has used a distortion analyzer for turntable setup will know that they are for measuring incremental changes.   And assuming if the Audio Precision distortion analyzer or AnalogMagik is not accurate, it would only mean baseline distortion numbers are higher.   As long as incremental changes can be measured, the absolute number is actually not useful for our application.

12.   I used the Phono input of the ART PRO and the results are not accurate.
It is stated clearly that the Phono Input of the ART PRO is not to be used.  You are required to have a phono stage to use this product, which should be connected to the ART PRO's LINE INPUT is to be used. 
If you have an integrated amplifier then you are to use the HT Bypass or Tape Out.      If you do not have a phono stage, or do not have a TAPE OUT or HT BYPASS, then you should not buy AnalogMagik.

13.   How come you do not provide a computer as part of the package?

Because I am not selling computers.    We do not give out free computers or manufacture computers.  A computer is not part of the product package. 

14.  How come do you not provide the sound card?

We do provide it, you can buy the sound card from us or from Amazon.

15.   Can you come to my house to show me how to use your product?

We will be happy to do that for you if you provide transportation, flight, hotel, expenses, and a US$150 per hour instructional fee.     We can also set up your cartridge for a fee of  $600 per cartridge. 

But free full-time 24/7 hand-holding is not provided, especially on Windows operation.

16.  I am a dealer/manufacturer, Can I have an AnalogMagik for free or at 50% discount?

When Audio Precision starts providing free distortion analyzers, we will provide AnalogMagik for free to manufacturers.

Also, if you as a manufacturer will give us a free tonearm or a free turntable, we will provide you with a free copy of AnalogMagik.   Please do not ask for free products, if you are not ready to provide me with a free product of yours.


Dealers, technicians, and Manufacturers are our targetted customers, they are end users of the products.  In fact, dealers use our tool to setup cartridges for customers, which many do charge for setup.


It is like the FLUKE voltmeter, a technician does not get a free Fluke or a 50% discount, because Technicians are targetted customers of FLUKE.

17.   I am a reviewer, so I want a free copy and a free laptop.

As of Jan 1, 2022, over 131 reviewers worldwide have requested AnalogMagik.  As of 2023, that number is 138.  We do selectively provide industry press copies to qualified individuals,  but we are not running a charity and do not provide free laptops or free products.

If you are a manufacturer or reviewer, please contact our distributor for industry pricing.  Generally, reviewers and dealers who want to use AnalogMagik to improve setup accuracy are the same as retail end users.  We do have
development costs and distributors who work for a living, so please buy the product.

18.    My cartridge did not meet the published spec., I want you to contact the manufacturer to ask for a refund or a

AnalogMagik is in the business of providing a distortion analyzer to measure incremental changes.   We are not a verification service or QC for product quality.    We are not litigators who will pursue civil litigations.  Please contact your dealer, distributor, manufacturer or your lawyer for that.  


AnalogMagik is designed to measure incremental changes as the end user makes adjustments to their cartridge.  It is designed so that through these measurements, you can achieve an incrementally more accurate setup.


AnalogMagik is not a tool to lower manufacturing distortion benchmarks.    It is not a tool for establishing product specifications, or a verification tool to QC check your equipment against the published specifications.    Do not expect us to pursue your manufacturer for you. 

Turntable cartridges are made by hand, and 100% of them will deviate slightly from the specification.    Slight deviations or imperfections such as off-centered zenith angle, lower channel separation, or frequency response, are to be expected.   This will apply to any product you purchase, not just phono cartridges.

We do not serve as QC mediators and will not pursue warranty service on your behalf against your manufacturer.

19.  How come the setup does not trigger an emotional response as much as it did when I simply use my ear to
       setup the cartridge.

AnalogMagik's design goal is to retrieve signals from the LP accurately with minimal distortion.   Triggering an emotional response is not a design goal or a benchmark we use.

20.  The "What's Best Forum" has a debate on "whatever", I expect you to reply to the forum and to state your positions.

We have no interest in debates or engaging with anyone in flame wars.  We are only interested in talking to people who have a genuine interest in improving the accuracy of analog setups.   


21.   I have purchased your setup software, performed setup for 5 people, and now I no longer need your product, can I get a refund?


22.    I found a scratch on the LP fresh out of the box, can I get a replacement copy?

Yes, please provide us with your serial number and purchase date, we will provide a replacement copy within a reasonable time period after your purchase date, but not 5 years after.

23.  I have worn out the original TEST LPs, can I purchase an additional copy?

Yes, please provide us with our serial number and purchase date, and we will be happy to sell you an extra set of TEST LPs.

24.   I believe visual methods are the gold standard in analog setups.  I also believe our local audiophile warlord's ear is the standard. 

We respect your pre-commitment to your setup methods, please do not buy AnalogMagik as our setup philosophy does not align.

We believe the most accurate analog setup is one that delivers recorded signals on an LP accurately, with minimal distortions.    Our benchmark is "Minimal Distortions" on a distortion analyzer.   

Visual methods, your ear, your guru's ear, your reviewer's ear, your customer's ear, your Si Fu's ear, and your wife's ear, are not our benchmarks.    

We do not have a problem with your pre-commitment to a different set of standards and we wish you well in your setup endeavors.   Please do not buy AnalogMagik as it will not serve your purpose.   

25.  I am not your customer, but I have 64 questions on analog setup, cartridge choices, interconnect choices, speaker matching, and music preference.

I am an audiophile myself, and love to engage with different audiophiles on these topics.  Please feel free to contact us, but due to time constraints, I may not be able to respond to all emails instantaneously.

This is not because we are unfriendly or unwelcoming, it is only because of time constraints. 

26.  I cannot get the Art Phono Plus II soundcard to talk to the computer.  What should I do?

Please contact Art Phono Plus, as they are the manufacturer who makes this product.   Please read the instructions which come with Art Phono Plus.   They will provide support on this matter.     

We are unaffiliated with Art Phono Plus, we are separate companies with no affiliation or relationship whatsoever.

For Art Phono Plus warranty matters, please contact Art Phono Plus.    Think of it as going back to Mercedes for Mercedes Warranty, not BMW.

27.  I have an HP or a Dell Laptop, why do you encourage Lenovo Laptops only?

AnalogMagik will work with any Windows 7, 10 or 11 installed laptop, but some companies install a number of unnecessary marketing-related programs on top of Windows.  Some of these manufacturers change the soundcard settings fresh out of the box. 

If the soundcard settings have been changed, the onus is on you to restore these original settings before using AnalogMagik.  We do not have access to all laptops, and we simply cannot test every laptop on the market.    This is why we recommend Lenovo Laptops as they seem to work well with AnalogMagik.

28.    I like to use the laptop to play games, and install 26 other programs on it.   Will AnalogMagik work?

As long as the soundcard settings have not been changed, AnalogMagik will work. But if you choose to install a program on the computer which changes these settings, we simply cannot provide support on how to restore these settings or to make both programs work at the same time. 

We have not tested its compatibility with every computer game or program out there on the market.   

29.  I know nothing about cartridge setup, and I expect you to teach me to do setup and walk me through the entire setup process using AnalogMagik.


We will refer you to our free setup instructional videos on how to perform a basic cartridge setup.   But we cannot walk you through these setup steps over the phone or teach you how to use AnalogMagik over the phone.

Those who buy AnalogMagik should have a basic understanding of turntable setup, have performed setups before, and feel confident that they can perform a cartridge alignment.     If you possess such knowledge and have the patience to learn how to use a distortion analyzer to increase setup accuracy, then AnalogMagik is for you.  Otherwise, AnalogMagik does not provide support on "How to set up a turntable, how to use a distortion analyzer, how to make numbers look good".

AnalogMagik DOES NOT do any setup, the onus is on the user to perform the setup.    AnalogMagik is only a tool that allows you to measure distortion.  It does not automatically make numbers look good.   It does not diagnose or repair any cartridge, tonearm, or turntable deficiencies.

It is like a thermometer that measures temperature, it is a tool.   It does not diagnose or offer solutions your illness or solutions on how to cure cancer.   It only measures temperature.   


30.  What is the pivot to spindle distance of my tonearm, and how come my cartridge cannot land on the null point?

Please contact your tonearm or turntable manufacturer, and ask your dealer to adjust the armboard for you.    We are unable to assist you beyond AnalogMagik.   We sell a computer program and a set of TEST LPs, but we are unable to provide armboard, pivot to spindle distance information, or alignment service outside of AnalogMagik operational instructions.




31.    We are a group of audiophiles who wants to share AnalogMagik amongst 50 people.   Can you provide us with 50 license keys?


We welcome group buys, but we will provide only 1 license key per product sold.    We do not provide replacement keys or multiple license keys per sale.




32.   I am a student, can you sell your product at 70% off or give me a 30% off deal under the table?

Sorry, we cannot.   The MSRP is fixed and firm, and uniform across all countries and all dealers, except for exchange rate differences, duty, and import taxes, which may be different for different countries.



33.  My setup, my phono stage, and my cartridge have a Channel Imbalance.    What can you do for me?


AnalogMagik is a distortion analyzer, and it simply displays what it reads.  It cannot fix problems that are present with your phono stage, your cartridge, or your amplifier.   Please contact your manufacturer to rectify the problem, we cannot pursue warranty service on your behalf.  It cannot perform hardware changes or repairs.  It cannot magically force numbers to look good.   It simply displays what it reads. 


It cannot perform any adjustments.  The user has to perform the adjustments. 


Please do not expect AnalogMagik to fix any channel imbalance problem.   It is simply a distortion analyzer that is designed to allow you to measure incremental changes as you make "adjustable" changes.


Changes that are inherent and cannot be adjusted, are constrained by your equipment quality, AnalogMagik cannot change that.




34. My Laponly only has 1 USB input, what should I do?


The system requirement section states that the laptop needs to have 2 USB inputs.   One for the license key, and one for the sound card connection.


If the laptop only has 1 USB input, please buy a Y Splitter or a USB extension bar.   We do not provide refunds if you fail to read the system requirement before buying the product.   


35.  I do not want to use a phono stage, I want to plug the cartridge directly into the RCA input of the ART PHONO PLUS II.  How come it is not working?


A phono stage is required, and cannot be bypassed.   The Art Phono Plus II operates as an A to D Converter, it does not have enough gain to generate a signal high enough for the program to operate.


If you bypass your phono stage,  the program may not work, and the results will not be accurate.  


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