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SME 3012 Version 2

Rebuild and Rewire

SME II 1.jpg

In our opinion, the greatest improvement which can be done to the legendary SME 3012 Tonearm is eliminate the 11 connections within the tonearm wire:

  1. Cartridge Wires to Pin (Solder Joint) 

  2. Cartridge Pinouts to SME Headshell Clip 

  3. Headshell Clips to Wire (Solder Joint)

  4. Wires to Clips again (Solder Joint)

  5. Clips to Pins on SME Headshell

  6. Pin to Pin spring-loaded connection

  7. Pin to Internal Wiring 

  8. Internal Wire to RCA Female

  9. RCA Female to RCA Male 

  10. RCA Male to Phono Cable Wire 

  11. Phono Cable Wire to RCA Male Connector again

No expensive Din to RCA cable will address the severe handicap of having 9 unnecessary connections which greatly increases measurable resistance and distortions.

By eliminating 2 to 10, signal integrity can be improved significantly by having only 2 connections, direct from Headshell Clips to RCA output.

SME 2 2.jpg

A custom cable mount was built for the customer, eliminating the unnecessary RCA connector.   The SME DIN Headshell Connector was also bypassed to allow for the wire to come through directly.

SME 2 3.jpg
SME 3012 V2.jpg

"Dear Richard,

Thank you for rewiring the SME 3012 Tonearm for me.  After the rewire, the SME sounds so much more alive than before.   So much better, just amazing."   -   D.C,    Customer from Hongkong.


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