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Fidelity Research FR-64S to FR66S 
Conversion Kit   $ 1,200.00 USD


(FR64S Converted to FR66S for a customer in Hongkong)

The legendary Fidelity Research FR-66S tonearm is one of the most iconic tonearms ever made.   The design,  engineering and, machinery precision are unmatched by many of today's tonearms.

However, due to its ever-increasing cost on the used market, most people can only afford the 10" FR-64S and not the 12" FR-66S.     The FR-64S costs around $ 1500 to $ 2500 on the used market, whereas a 12" FR-66S can fetches nearly $ 10,000 USD on eBay.

The AnalogMagik Fidelity Research 12" FR-66S conversion kit will allow you to convert your FR-64S to an FR-66S at a fraction of the price.    The FR-66S Conversion Kit comes with a 12" FR66S Armwand, and 2 Counterweights, just like the original FR-66S.

The kit cost $ 1,200 USD.   

(Installation and labor are extra. Armwand and Counterweight are only sold as a set, and not separately.)

Please EMAIL US to inquire.


(AnalogMagik FR-66S 12" Conversion Kit, with 12" Armwand replica and 2 Counterweights)

The FR-66 Armwand Replica

The AnalogMagik FR-66S 12" Replica Armwand is an exact replica of the orignal FR-66S Armwand.

We have identified the exact type of stainless steel, and have replicated it to the exact dimension and thickness, paying close attention to its resonant properties, hardness, as well as physical appearance.

Each metal tube is bent into shape using a proprietary process, replicating the exact angle of the original FR-66S.  Each tube is then polished into the exact same finishing of the original armwand.

We have placed the original and the replica side by side, and we cannot identify which is which.    Our extensive testing also reveals the exact same resonance as well as the exact same sonic properties.



(Top:  Original FR Armwand      Bottom:  AnalogMagik FR66S Replica Armwand.     Or is it?  Which is which?)

The FR-66S Counterweight Replica

The AnalogMagik FR-66S 12" Upgrade kit comes with 2 counterweights, 285g and 235g, just like the oriignal.


Unlike the cheap replicas you find on eBay, our counterweights follow the multi-layered design of the original.  It is not a solid clink of cheap metal.   The original counterweight has a stainless steel outer shell, encasing 3 layers of lead.   However, lead is now banned in some countries and is considered a health hazard.

We employ the use of metals which cost nearly 60x the price of lead, and it houses the same multilayered sandwich design of the original.    

Customer Feedback

"The Arm sounds absolutely fantastic, it is well worth the wait and the effort!   The image and soundstage, before and after restoration and conversion,  is lightyears ahead of the original."
                                                                                                  Mr. Ah WHer, Hongkong



How do I install the Conversion Kit?

Installation of the 12" Conversion kit requires a complete disassembly or the tonearm.    It is usually done during our complete restoration process.

We offer many upgrade options while doing the installation, such as:

* Direct Wiring DIN Plug Bypass
* ABEC-9 Semi-Ceramic Bearing Upgrade
* Installation of WBT connectors 
* Bearing Reset

Each FR-64S differs despite having the same look and model.   Please email us for details, pricing, as well as customization needs.


Please EMAIL US for Installation and Restoration pricing.
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