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Fidelity Research FR-64S & FR66S 
ABEC-9 Bearing Upgrade

Due to the technological limitations of the 1970s, the original bearings found in the Fidelity Research FR-66S and FR64s can be upgraded to much higher quality tight tolerance bearings of the modern era.

The AnalogMagik ABEC-9 rated FR replacement bearings, are the highest quality Semi-Ceramic bearings made to our spec, down to +/- 0.0002" tolerance.     

Unlike the original bearings, the AnalogMagik ABEC-9 Bearings require no lubrication, resulting in a much lower level of bearing torque (the minimum moment required to overcome internal friction to start or maintain rotation).

Bearing Upgrade is usually performed during RESTORATION. Please email us to inquire.


The Orignal FR Bearings wobbles a little on its shaft as not all the balls are in contact with the bearing walls.  This is due to the technological limitations of the bearing manufactured in that era.

FR Bearings.jpg
Please EMAIL US for Bearing Upgrade pricing.
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