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DaVinci Grandezza

Complete Rebuild and Rewire

Grandezza 6.jpg

A customer purchased a used DaVinci Grandezza, and the tonearm arrived with missing parts and a bearing that has been incorrectly adjusted.    The arm was not swinging smoothly.  We obtained the missing parts from DaVinci in Switzerland and installed it for the customer.

Grandezza 3.jpg

The bearing had been tempered with and set incorrectly.    We completely disassembled the arm to reset the bearing using a precision torque wrench.

Grandezza 4.jpg
Grandezza 1.jpg

The customer also needed a longer cable.  We rewired the tonearm with the AnalogMagik Reference Silver Tonearm cable, direct from Headshell clips to RCA output.

The tonearm was restored to perfect condition with a new Silver Tonearm wire, completely shielded with proper grounding.

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