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Awards / Reviews

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MAD Audio Reviews AnalogMagik (Feb 2023)

Youtube Video
MAD Audio.jpg
Winner of the 2018 Award for Innovation,
Official Award
AnalogAccessories Award.jpg
2019 Japan Audio Accessory Magazine
Audio Excellence Award - Best Vinyl Accessories 
Award Article in Japanese
Stereo 2018 Nov.jpg
Japan Stereo Magazine Interview Article
Nov 2018
Article in Japanese
Stereosound Banner.jpg
Stereo Sound Magazine Review, Autumn 2018
Article in Japanese & English
Stereo Sept 2018.jpg
Japan Stereo Magazine Sept 2019 Article
Article In Japanese
MAD Audio.jpg
AudioArt Magazine AnalogMagik Review
by Bing R. Tsai
Article in Taiwanese & English
MAD Audio.jpg
Review by HiFi Statement Magazine (German)
In German                In English
Analog Autumn 2018.jpg
Japan Analog Magazine Review - Autumn 2018
"Revolutionary Product"
Article in Japanese
Stereo Jan 2019.jpg
Japan Stereo Magazine Full Review - Jan 2019
Article in Japanese
MAD Audio.jpg
Mono & Stereo Interview conducted by
Isak Matej
Article in English
MAD Audio.jpg
Review by Audio Art Magazine's
Editor in Chief, Jack Liu 
In Taiwanese               In English
Italian Audio Review 2019.jpg
Italy's Audio Review Magazine 2019
Review Article in Italian
Haute Fidelite.jpg
AnalogMagik appearing French Magazine with Anamighty Sound - Nov 2018
Article in French
MAD Audio.jpg
AnalogMagik's VTA Fuction, by Audio Measurement & Analytics Group's Bing R. Tsai
Article in English
Hi Fidelity.jpg
Russian Review Article 2019
Article in English
MAD Audio.jpg
AnalogMagik Customer Feedback / Review
by Savvas Kontrafouri (June 22, 2018)
Article in English
Decibel Hi Fi.jpg
AnalogMagik appearing in Decibel Hi Fi Webpage
Article in English
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