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SME 3012 Gold Special Edition

Complete Rebuild and Rewire

SME Gold 3 pair.jpg

A customer sent in 2 SME 3012 Gold Special Edition Tonearms, a 9" and a 12".  Both have previously been worked on previously by someone who claimed to have rewired the toenarm.

SME Gold 1.jpg

As soon the tonearm connector cover was removed, it revealed an absolutely horrendous "rewiring" job done by the previous person.   It is an absolutely horrific workmanship, using the wrong wire, and done in the most 

sacrilegious manner.

SME Gold 2.jpg

The wire was connected with a solder joint to a totally wrong cable with the wrong gauge.   It is simply unsuitable for phono application.

The fact that someone charged money for this is a disgrace.

We completely rebuild the tonearm and installed it with the AnalogMagik Reference Tonearm wire, and restored the Arm to original factory condition.   

SME3012 Gold.jpg
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