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Glanz MH-124S Tonearm

Rewire with Direct Connection


The Glanz MH-124S and the MH-124S Premium is one of the world's best tonearms, which I have reviewed: HERE.    The tonearm allows for a factory upgrade to a stranded solid silver tonearm wire. 

In our opinion, further improvements can be made to the tonearm by eliminating the 11 connections within the tonearm wire:

  1. Cartridge Wires to Pin (Solder Joint) 

  2. Cartridge Pinouts to Headshell Clip 

  3. Headshell Clips to Wire (Solder Joint)

  4. Wires to Clips again (Solder Joint)

  5. Clips to Pins on SME style Headshell

  6. Pin to Pin spring-loaded SME DIN connector

  7. Pin to Internal Wiring 

  8. Internal Wire to Din Pin (Solder joint) 

  9. Din Pin to Female Din of Phono Cable

  10. Female Din to Wires (solder joint)

  11. Phono Cable Wire to RCA Male Connector (Solder Joint)

No expensive Din to RCA cable will eliminate the 9 unnecessary extra connections which greatly increases measurable resistance and distortions.  By eliminating 2 to 10, signal integrity can be improved significantly by having only 2 connections, direct from Headshell Clips to RCA output.

This is my own Glanz tonearm which I have replaced with the AnalogMagik Reference Silver Phono Cable.

Glanz 6.jpg
Glanz 2.jpg
Glanz 5.jpg
Glanz 7.jpg
Glanz 8.jpg
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