System Requirements

The AnalogMagik Software and Test LP Retail Box comes with:

1) AnalogMagik Software Download Link & Soundcard Driver Download Link

2) USB License Key which you will need to operate the program

3) 2 Tests LPs (33 rpm & 45 rpm)

To operate the program, you will need a Windows Compatible Laptop and a Soundcard.   The program is not an APP and it is not compatible with Apple Notebooks or handheld devices such as iPhone or Android phones.   


The program will only run on a Windows-based program compatible with Win7 or above, not Apple, Chromebook, Linux or other operating systems.   The Laptop will need 2 USB 2.0 or 3.0 input, one for the license key connection and one for the soundcard.  If you only have 1 USB input, you can use a USB splitter bar or Y Splitter.

Please do not use 3rd party programs to run AnalogMagik on an Apple Laptop.


Laptop or Notebooks:


We strongly recommend using a dedicated laptop such as the Lenovo Ideapad which is often on sale on Bestbuy or Amazon for US$200-350.    We do not recommend using old laptops or laptops which may have their sound configuration altered by unknown programs which may interfere with standard windows sound configurations. 

We do not recommend Microsoft Surface, or HP laptops.     We have not tested the software on all the laptops on the market, but we have developed it on Lenovo Ideapad, so we strongly recommended a dedicated Lenovo Ideapad.

Due to the complexity of the computations, intensiveness of CPU usage, you may encounter stalling or system hangups if you use a very old laptop for the task.    In our own setup, we use a dedicated Lenovo notebook with nothing else but AnalogMagik installed.    

Soundcard Requirement:   You can purchase the soundcard from us or from Amazon HERE.


We have designed the program to work specifically with the ART Phono Plus sound card which you can purchase from us or from Amazon.   We have tested the software on Lenovo Ideapad and the Art Phono Plus soundcards and it is a configuration which we are most comfortable with.   

Those who buy AnalogMagik have probably invested a lot of money into their turntable and cartridges.  Considering a Lenovo Laptop is only US$200 to $350, and an Art Phono Plus is only US$79 from Amazon, we strongly recommend users to use this soundcard.

If you use any other soundcard, the program may not work or the results may not be accurate.  We strongly discourage you from using any other soundcard.

Please note that the ART PHONO PLUS is a separate product, you are responsible for following the ART PHONO's instructions to get it to talk to your laptop.    Please first contact ART PHONO for support if you run into connection issues between your laptop and the ART PHONO.


Basic Understanding of Windows Operation and Installation.

AnalogMagik requires users to have a basic understanding of Windows, general program, and soundcard installation.     If you do not know how to use Windows, install drivers, or to get the soundcard to talk to Windows, please do not buy the program. 

Windows is a Microsoft Product, and ART PRO PHONO is an ART PRO product, please contact Microsoft and ART PRO if you run into problems getting the soundcard to talk to windows. 

AnalogMagik support begins AFTER your soundcard has established a signal connection between your laptop.    We do not provide telephone step-by-step walk-through support on issues such as:

  • How to align a cartridge  (Please see our support videos for this)

  • How to connect your cartridge to your phono stage

  • How to install a program or a driver on windows

  • Identify what is an input or the difference between XLR or RCA   

  • Where is the START button on Windows.    

  • What is a CONTROL PANEL on Windows.

  • How to get ART PHONO to talk to Windows (Please contact ART PRO for this).

AnalogMagik Support Expectation & Agreement:

Please note that support will only be provided to friendly customers with mutual respect.    We will not tolerate verbal abuse, unreasonable expectations of 24/7 standby telephone support, or a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire turntable cartridge setup and program installation process.   

We will answer all emails on a best effort basis, but customers which require basic step-by-step walk-through support on Windows, or Soundcard support beyond AnalogMagik, can purchase a support package.   Please email to inquire. 

There have been customers who have threatened my family, "to shoot me dead", "light me on fire", or expect us to respond at any moment's notice. 


We reserve the right to terminate support for customers who are rude, hostile, racist, or with a condescending attitude will have all support services terminated.


Test LPs and USB License Key

We do not recommend using any other test LPs with the program as there are special algorithms embed in our programming designed with special filters and averaging functions, designed only to work with the AnalogMagik Test LPs.    The results may not be accurate with other 3rd party test LPs.

The USB License Key is required for the installation and operation of the program.   We do not provide replacement license keys so please make sure you store the license key carefully, namely back to the lower corner of the LP box after each use. 

Program Updates

AnalogMagik is an ongoing project, and we are constantly revising and improving on the measurement algorithms.     Users will be provided with free updates periodically.     Please remember to completely uninstall previous versions of the program before installing a new version. 

Unless if there are new functions added or significant changes made which require us to incur substantial investments, all updates will be provided for free to all customers.