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AnalogMagik Version 2 availabe at your
local dealer starting Aug 1st, 2022

V2 Cover.jfif

All In One Cartridge Setup 

Software & Test LPs

A Scientific & Repeatable Method To Calibrate:

Speed, Wow & Flutter, Combined Azimuth &VTA, VTF,

Anti-skating, Loading, Gain, Channel Balance, Zenith Errors, Vibrations & Resonance Frequencies.

Stereo Sound Japan.jpg

Stereo Sound Magazine, Sept 2018
"The tool has become a necessity for getting the most out of analog playback.  We have become real fans of the tool and would sincerely like to see people use it to the full extend."                                                           
AudioArt Magazine, Jul 2018
"AnalogMagik ,...... it has the makings of a revolutionary product with potential in altering the future course of the vinyl industry" 

Winner of the 2018 Audiohub High End Munich Award for Innovation, 

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